I just wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to get this puppy and give you a brief update. Her name is Summers BMS Charity's Choice. She is WONDERFUL!!!!! She is the most well adjusted, brave and sure-of-herself puppy I have seen in a long time. She as solid a temperment as I could ask for the job she has already started. She started working in the school at four months and I figured she would last only 1-2 hours as they usually do at this age, but she doesn't stop. She has started at the senior center, libraries (as part of the "Book-em" reading program) as one of our "reading pawtners", and has become a vital part of our classes on suicide prevention. One of our high school students in a neighboring district committed suicide and Charity comes in for our prevention/counseling classes and shows where there is death there is also new life. She has gone to our school dances and is assigned to a student that we could not get into school for the first semester. Now the girl comes EVERY day with a smile on her face just so she can work with "her puppy" once a week. She is everything I had hoped for and will be a VITAL part of our program ....

Juli Lathrop
we recieved our puppy today on time,thank you. she is beautiful ,we all love her, again thank you for a perfect animal, you are without a doubt, one of the finest breeders i have ever dealt with. very professional and your word is gold.good job and thank you from all of us.
penny,mike and victoria
The dog is beautiful. He has a very pretty expression. Very strong, Very tall for his age. Beautiful head. Very big hands.  He is eating well. He is happy, Yesterday he was playing with the nephews of my wife. At night he is sleeping without problems, he is clean. Tomorrow saturday I am going to take him to run and swim in the beach.

Jose Luis Cardenas
Cancun Mexico
Well Brighton is 4 months old now. She has gained about ten pounds and has shot up in hieght. I call her Ms. Attitude, she thinks she owns the world (haha). She has been on the utility equipment at the training center (teeter totter & 6 foot tall cat walk) with out a care or concern. She is fearless. She will be trained for drug detection begining at 9 mos. and work in our local schools. I took her out to the high school to get her aclamated to the building for her puppy imprinting exercises. She did well and found all her hidden treats...

Gaye Amick
He is a very good dog and I get nothing but compliments on his looks.  His head and fieet are huge.  He is a bit mellow at times which is nice, but he is very playful.  He is extremely smart, he already comes when called and I have him sitting on command and when we go for a walk he stops and then sits when I stop.  Hes been having fun, he already jumped in the lake, and he seems to like it.  Hes a bit shy with other dogs but loves every one he meets.  I am very happy with him....  He finally got used to the crate about two nights ago.  Thanks for everything. More pics to come.

Anthony  Caturano
Maddie  is  a  successful  graduate! she  did  just  great! She  learned  (and  had  to demonstrate) sit,  stay, wait, 1 mintue down stay, walk on  a loose  leash, dog socialization! Everyone  that is around  Maddie  comments   on  what an  absolutely  beautiful  and  well  behaved  dog  she  is.   have  to  give  allot  of  this  credit  to  you ( and  especially  her  parents!)  as  there  is  no  doubt   how  well  bred  she  is. Sure  makes a  difference especially  with  this  breed! She  has  become a very much  loved  part  of  the  family ( of course the cats opinions  may  be  different  on  any  given  day LOL) !! I  will  keep  you  updated  whenever  I  can  ....

Sarah Elliott
Hi, I hope you remember me.  We wanted to let you know how Ozzy was doing and as I was browsing through your website saw that you have our Ozzy under your "Dogs We Have Sold" section (at three months).  He looks so cute!  In any event, Ozzy is doing great -- he really is the dog that we were hoping to have after Jasper passed away.  He is so gentle, very loving and affectionate and such a very important part of our family.  We wanted to say thanks again for all of your help -- we absolutely love him!  I don't have a digital photo of him, but will try to get you a copy of one of his recent photos by mail -- you won't believe how much he's grown (he'll be two in June).  Thanks again!

Our best regards, 
Bea and Gary Grossman

Hi--Been meaning to e-mail you for a while but never seem to have a free minute.  Just wanted to let you know that Scout  is developing into a great dog.  people tell me how gorgeous she is all the time...  Anyway, she is very very affectionate, loves the boys (and they love her), and is very smart.  She also travels well in the car, is great on the leash and has one heck of a bark already!  She is very devoted to her family and sleeps in the master bedroom every night. In short, she has become  a much loved family member. 

Jeanne Markey, 
Bryn Mawr PA
I just thought I would let you know Razzy is still  doing fine. He is now 18 months old and weighs about 150 pounds. He is a very large dog. But we put log siding on our house this summer and it was very much a people stopper.  We must of had 50 to 75 people stop to look at the house and Razzy of course just loved everyone. Almost knocked them down rubbing on them. He is very very friendly once your in the yard but barks at people beside the road.  My daughter has a 4 month old chocolate lab puppy and Razzy just loves to play with her. If you mention her name he start to look for her. They bring her to our house and we take Razzy to there house to play. We both have electric fences the both collars work with so they can run and race outside. Razzy is very gentle with her and has just  started now to take back his toys.  He would let her  ave whatever he had in is mouth. Now he will hang on it and pull back if she doesn't give up he'll give to her and wait until she not looking and take it back. We also have a 8 week old kitten which Razzy has no problem with .

Gail Laforty

tank is getting HUGE.  he weighs 102 pounds  at 7  months  old and is magnificient.  he starts a training school tomorrow that will last about 3 weeks.  it's a very prestigous dog training school in our area called
the olde town school for dogs.  the lady who owns the place, who has owned several rotties over the years, went on and on about how beautiful tank is and how awesome his tempermant is.  

Andrew Seested

I wanted to let you know that the rott. puppy that I got from you in Dec. 2004, is doing just fine.  His 6 months old.  Everyone that sees him just loves him.  He is well behaved and he knows all the basic dog commands.  Right now, shadow is in training for his good canine citizen certicate.  I just wanted to thank you for my puppy.
Talata Phillips
Hello , 
Thank you for the follow up email...  We picked up "Kira" on Tuesday at LAX.  She is everything we could have hoped for...healthy, good natured, energetic, etc.
She will make a perfect addition to our family.  She also gets along great with Sampson, our lab/pit bull mix.  He has taken her under his wing and they will undoubtedly become the closest of friends in years to come.
Thanks again for making this a smooth and rewarding experience for Merri and myself.  We will send you pictures soon!

Rich & Merri Mottriam,

Wonderful breeders... spectacular puppy!!!
We had a dog from another breeder, who we just lost to cancer at barely six years of age. He was simply beautiful and warm-hearted. We miss him tremendously. 
That being said, our new puppy is already smarter in a lot of ways than our little Sammie was at the same age, and more robust.
Curt Romanowski
New Jersey
Hello, I don't know if you remember me but I bought a pup from you three months ago, from Euro and Koni litter.  I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love Tank.  He is awesome he is very confident in himself and independent.  We are currently in training school and he is doing great.  He is a fast learner.  Our instructor was a rottweiler  breeder and when he seen Tank he was very excited and he told me that if Tank was his pup he would be very happy.  I was happy to hear that. Anyways I won't take any more of your time, so I want to thank you again for the perfect pup.

Sorin Bratu 
In Katy, TX this past weekend, for the Rottweiler Specialty, there were 44 Rotts registered!!!! Gypsy won second place in the Rott Sweepstakes on Friday night.  She was a little frisky and didn't want to behave.  However..... 
On Saturday, in the 6-9 month puppy class, she took 1st place!!!!  Of course in group, didn't stand a chance against all the BIG dogs!!On Sunday, a repeat of Saturday!!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we have 2 blue ribbons!!!!! 
On to Waco, TX this weekend...... 
Have a GREAT Turkey Day!!!!
Dawn Freeman

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our puppy.  We absolutely love him!  We named him Gunnar and he is a very good puppy.  He is very outgoing and friendly with everyone he meets.  My family has a 20 acre greenhouse business and I have been bringing him to work with me and everyone who meets him loves him.  He has also made friends with 1 of our other dogs and they are playmates when he is home with him.  I just wanted to thankyou and hope things are going well for Dora please thank her also for breeding such a great dog.   

Amy and Jeff Fleck
This is Karma. I recived this great dogover a year ago. I have had no proper e-mail or camera to send these pics but here are a few e-mails with pics over the year. Everyone loves her in my town she has a playmate at the house (Mitchell the cat)and everywere I go.
She is the best trained dog I have ever seen or owned. At 8 months she was able to be walked entirely w/out a leash and  is a great swimmer. Thank you for raising her for me. 
Brendon Folster 
He is here and we couldn't be more pleased if we would have picked him out ourselves.  Dora he is gorgeous His name on the vet paper is "Romulus Von Kelemen" I'm also really glad his tail was done because we are going to have Linda Wright show him until I can learn and am confident I know what I'm  doing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you

Jill Lampkin
How are you?  Jacomo is doing fine.  We took him to the vet today.  Everything was perfect.I must tell you what my vet said about you,  Dr. Zimit said she hasn't seen a more perfect puppy/rottie in a very long time.  She asked where we purchased him from, she said the breeder we chose was superb, she also stated she usually doesn't see too many good breeders.  The entire office said he was absolutely beautiful.Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.   
P.S.  Jacomo is very head strong, we sometimes have to put him in his place. - We love him very much. 
Also if your ever passing by Long Island give me a call and come visit.  We would love to have you.
Deborah & Jerry
Long Island NY
   I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you for the puppy.  She is absolutely beautiful and has such a great temperament.  Our other dogs are getting along great with her and the Boxer has taken it upon herself to make sure the puppy is always safe.  We have decided to name her Athena.  I thought all the characteristics of the goddess Athena were very fitting of a Rotty.  I finally sent you back your papers the other day by Fed Ex so you should have them Monday.     I have attached a couple of pictures of the pup so you can see that she is in a great home.  She will continue to get plenty of love. Thanks again.  From start to finish this was a very smoothe transaction.   
Tig(Jonathan Peterson)
Alpine UT

Hi Diana,
 just want to tell you in the last ten days friar's maturing & growth are amazing.we think he's really smart. he has grown on us too. the whole family loves him with the exception of the cat. we'll send pics in a few weeks. hope all is well.  

 Tim Lydane
Friendship, MD

We are so injoying the new addition to are house. I named him Samuel, he is so smart such a lovie, you can tell you showed him so much affection. He is doing good about going out, as soon as I set him in the grass he goes to the bathroom, and he comes when I call. So smart, it makes training so easy. Thank you, I will keep in touch and get pictures to you.
Pam Arduini
Climax NY
I love our puppy, he is the best thing that has happened to us in a long  time. We can't imagine our lives without him! I want to get him a brother or sister, but I will have to wait a year or so...but when its time, I will be coming back to you! We have received so many compliments on him, I tell everyone I wouldn't ever go to another dog breeder besides you! Thanks for finding us the best addition to our family.

-Sarah Anziano
Wallingford CT

Thank you so much for our baby girl Bella Vida.
Vida's 1st show was hosted by the SMWRK & the USRC Oct. 14 2006.  The judge
was Erich Koenigsberger from FCI, Austria.She placed 1st in 6-9 month old female class!!

You likely remember me as the one that always bugged you for pictures and updates. Here's the chance to return the update. Kane (euro and maya) is now just over 8 months old and just tipped the scale at 80 pounds.  He is doing great, loves everyone and believes they were put on this earth to solely play with him.  Everywhere we go we get stopped with a "how beautiful he is".  The vet (who also owns Rotti's) has tried to buy, borrow and steal (jokingly) him every time we were in there for shots and check ups.  He is starting to get protective of my girlfriend with strangers and the house and has vowed death and destruction to every toilet paper roll in the house.  Other than the once in awhile toilet paper issue he is perfect.  He will begin his pet partner training next month to become a social worker / partner at local schools and hospitals. 
My question for you is we are starting to think about getting him a buddy.  I see that all the current litters are sold.  What are the plans for the future and potential girlfriends for him.  
Attached are a couple of pictures of him at 7 months and 3 weeks.   
Justin Henry, 
Denver CO.  

Hey Diana,
I thought I would drop you a line and give you an update on Titan (Euro x Foa).  He is such a wonderful dog.  Very well behaved, such a great tempermant, and all around goofball.  He is just about 9 months old now and almost 90 pounds.  He is such a handsome dog.  I've attached some pics for you.
Matt Thorne
New York

Dear Diana,
Sorry it took sooo long to send you some photos.  I tried to send you some from really recent and from the first day I brought him home.  I cant thank you enough, he is such a great puppy.  He is extremely smart, and of course handsome.  Reaper loves everyone he meets, all people, kids, other dogs and even cats.  When he sees anyone for the first time his little stubby tail wags like crazy.   I hope all is well with you, and I will be sending you more pictures in the future as Reaper grows up.
Susann Harris
New York

    Here are some pictures for a follow up on Gunner. Congradulations on the new additions Diony's and Axel. Gunner is now 5 months old. He is very smart, and very good with kids. Gunner has alot of potential. We are planning on getting a female from you in the spring after Gunner is fully trained.   
New York

It's has been a while since I last updated you on Hera.  She is doing fabulous.  She is healthy, happy and loved.  I could not have asked for a better companion.  It is hard for me to think of her as being a "dog", because in my heart she is my child, no matter that she has four legs instead of two.  She loves to be by my side all the time.  When ever she goes outside for her outdoor time, she turns right back around and wants to be back inside with me.  Though she needs that outdoor time to take care of her needs, but she does not think so.  LOL!!  She is just one royal mess, but she is my beautiful extremely spoiled mess.

Sonia Thames
lexington SC

Hi Diana, 

              and Hello from Virginia.  I just wanted to keep you updated on Bruno and his progress.  I have had Bruno for two years now, we just celebrated his 2nd birthday, and he is looking much like his dad.  I am so proud of him, and I would like to extend to you my greatest appreciation, and thanks for bringing so much joy into our home.

Marlon Pinder


Wanted to share with you the picture of Bauers graduation from obedience school.  He is the most wonderful puppy, he is calm, well tempered and very bright.  He truly has been a great addition, if you ever need a reference or testimonial please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.
Matt Leaney

Hey Diana,
First just wanted thank you for breeding such a beautiful dog!!  Loc has perfect teeth, large bones, shiny coat, and a great temperament (started a little pushy, but is just a big lover-boy now!).  We get compliments everywhere we go and I have given out your information (hope you don't mind) a couple of times because people are so impressed!  Well done!!
Jeff Conlon
Chandler AZ

Hi Diana,
Thought I would give you an update on Mojo. I was hoping to send along pictures, but don't have anything recent. He is beautiful, but best of all he continues to be a fantastic dog. I actually have 5 dogs in all and he is my favorite!  He is a perfect farm dog and always accompanies us when we go horseback riding on the trails, he will proudly lead the way. Thanks again for choosing him for us.
Bonnie Cunningham

Here is a few pics of Taj Mahal....he is at 2 years old in this pictures.  He is approx 2.5 years old now..  As you can see my oldest loves taking pictures of him dressed up.  They have fun together.  Dux and Etra are the parents, per the papers. Thanks you again.  We love our new addition.  I am looking to add to our family once my older baby leaves us.  ChoiceK9's will be on our first list to get in touch with.  She has a good while to be with us.
Danita Fogelman
Claymont, DE 19703

Hey Diana, just wanted to give you a little update. First of all we love Tanzie. She has entered her first AKC show and won 1st. in her group. I thought I would send you her first show picture. I think we may be giving you a call in the near future.......a friend for Tanzie.
Joe and Alyssa Haynie
Okolona, Arkansas

Hello again!
Just a little line to let you know that Achilles is doing great. He has a wonderful disposition, is smart, and a beauty! What more could I ask for? He is great with my little Grandsons. I can't believe how fast he is growing. When we got him he was 13 pounds. December 5 he was 36 pounds! he has more than doubled his weight in two months...none of it is fat..
Thank you so much for our wonderful "baby"
I will send a picture soon..I just need to download them on my computer
Again, Many thanks

Michele Riboli
Nicasio CA

Hi Diana, 
We picked up our new puppy at the Toronto airport this afternoon.  Everything went great, could not have gone any smoother. We have not  finalized a name yet, so I will refer to him as the puppy for the time being. He is a very well socialized little fellow, quite pleasant and sure of himself. The way he is behaving one would believe we have known him since birth. We have a 21 month old and a 6 year old, they were naturally excited to see the new arrival, the puppy was not at all bothered by their excited shrieks and the added comotion. I was pleasantly surprised with how well he naturally  to handles himself. It should be fun when he gets better acquainted to his surroundings and gets his batteries charged up.Please thank the breeder / shipper for doing a great job both in the care the puppy has received, and how professionally the shipping requirements were handled.
Al Billes
Hi Diana
I am very pleased with Goliath.  He is fitting in well here he is a snuggle bunny.  He loves sleeping right up against me in my bed with his head on my pillow.  He is awesome.  Right after I had received him from the airport I heard a story on the news about people buying dogs & not getting them or they weren't what was expected.  Not in the case Goliath is what I was looking for to a tee.  He is perfect, other then he likes to chew on shoes but we are correcting that.  Thank you so much for helping me with him, I will be back sometime mid this year for a female.  We will want a female that we could possibly mate Goliath with.
Christina Inman 

Kiya is now 15 pounds.  She is doing great, picked up the doggy door next day and is almost house trained.  We mailed you back the papers today.  Getting along with Kane you ask, she beats him.  She does not take any flack from him what-so-ever and has become a master of the cheap shot.  Kane puts her entire head in his mouth then she bites him.  It is the funniest thing you have ever seen, a 90+ pound massive dog (he turns one in 2 weeks) running and trying to hide from her as she runs after him down the hall.  She is loving, a cuddler, is sleeping almost all night and has one hell of a fat tummy on her.  Attached you will see the two together as well we made up a set of bowls for her (not raised / puppy bowls) and she will have nothing to do with them, she eats out of Kanes 100% of the time.  
She is wonderful and thank you...  
Also to note, she has a perfect black triangle under her snout and a perfect heart covering her rear.   
Justin Henry
     I haven't written to you since I picked up Judah at New York airport aroung 2 1/2 yrs ago. He is one of Aaron and I believe Diana's pups.  I have had Rottweilers most of my adult life and I am almost 60 yrs. I have never had such an even tempered, loving, intelligent and HEALTHY Rottweiler as I have in Judah. Words could never decribe the bond that we have with each other. I would literally give my life for this dog and I know it would be likewise with him. As others have told you, I also am stopped frequently and asked where I got such a magnificant Rottweiler. He walks down the street with me with such confidence, grace and beauty as only a King would. Judah will be 3yrs. in several more months and he weighs in at a very muscular 128 lbs. He loves people, especially kids. I would never get a Rott from anyone but you. You have done this Breed such a service.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I will send you current pics of him when I get my computer back from repair.
Goliath  is fitting in well.  He is so cool.  We have a Yorkie & they are play buddies & Goliath plays so gentle with him.  He weigh about 40 lbs so he is growing right along & he is so smart I really enjoy having him.  Mark is home from Iraq & he really loves Goliath he was not disappointed at all with him.  He was so shocked seeing him & how great he looked.  We just can not find Rotts that look as good as Goliath.  We will be looking for a girl soon probably in a couple of months.  Goliath has perfect temper & markings our vet loves him everyone loves him he is just such a playful puppy & he is very alert & protective already.  I could not of asked for a better puppy.  I am so glad that I got Goliath through you & I do believe that he will stand up to his name.  A guy that I have been in contact with is wanting me to get him into some dog shows but I am just not for sure about that.  Thanks for Goliath he is wonderful....

Christie Inman
Edmond, OK 

Hi,it's been a while. Logan is a handsome young lad who will be 2YO in a little more than 2 mos. How the time flies!! I still check your site now and again and love your breeding. Logan asked that I send you his Xmas photo, so it's finally attached. Will send another after 4/19 from his big party. Hope you and Sir Charles are well

Bill Hanson
New York

Hi Diana,

This is Jen Hilligrass and Steve Lawlor writing to you. We bought a male puppy from you and Gloria last year, he is out of Maya and Euro. Seamus (pronounced Shamus) just turned 1 year old on 01/16/08. He is doing very well. We also have a Pug who grew up with the Rottie and is the same age (see the picture below). The Rottie loves to swim and retrieve. We did Puppy Kindergarten and we have also started obedience with him. He does very well. He goes to get groomed monthly and the groomers are always astonished that he licks them the whole time, especially during the nail trimming! We are very pleased with his temperament. We have had no issues of aggression or dominance with Seamus. He is 11 months old in all of the pictures with the snow and about 6 months old in the swimming photo. We hope that all is well with you and your family. 

Jen Hilligrass & Steve Lawlor

Hi Diana, I have to thank you for this wonderful puppy. After my last Rottweiler past away 3 years ago, I did not think I would ever get another. I am so glad I did not pass this little guy up because it would have been a big mistake. He is such a wonderful dog. He is not only perfect looking but very, very smart too. At only 10 weeks he is sitting on command, walking nice on leash and always giving me attention. I just love him. He sits here by my side in my office and all my customers just love him. Everyone wants to know where he came from. He has no problem saying hello to everyone.I can`t thank you enough for this wonderful puppy. He is growing so fast.
                         THANK YOU DIANA 

   From John Bickel
   Lansdale, PA.

Hi Diana, I just wanted to send you a note regarding Measha.  She was five months old this week and is just about the most beautiful dog I have ever seen.  She is smart, energetic, well behaved and a social butterfly.  My wife and I own a fairly large music school here in Southern Ontario and each afternoon following our walk Measha visits with the families of students in our halls.  She is a hit with everyone.  Thanks for your help in getting us together, 
Bill Labron and Lynn McRuer
Ontario Canada
He did so well over the wekend. He has a great personality. Playful, loving, and gets pooped out fast and takes a nap. We didn't even crate him at night. He is confined to a small area in my older sons room and gets up at night when he has to go potty and goes right back to sleep. He is a perfect addition to our family.  Thanks again for the commitment you have for this breed and what you offer to your clients. Will send pictures soon.

Jody Smith

Hi Diana!
I thought I would send you a picture of my two baby girls... Karley (AKA: Nobility By Nation), out of the Black Turk Euro/Viki Od Dragicevica litter, (on the left) is now 1 year and 8 months old, and Attika (AKA: Guilty By Association), out of Diony's Od Dragicevica and Sena litter, (on the right) is now 11 months.I just wanted to touch base with you, show you how much they have both grown, and let you know that they are both doing fantastic -  Karley just completed her Canine Good Citizen class as well as the TDI (Therapy Dog International) course.  I could not ask for sweeter girls, they are amazing!!  Thanks again for such wonderful dogs!

Zoe Lewis

Hi Diana, 
     I mailed your copy of the sales agreement out today.  We have named our puppy "Max" and he is doing great.  He is growing so fast and is very smart.  He loves to play tug and pounces on everything, especially my feet.  He really likes to play with our other dog "Buddy" and the two have now bonded.  We take him every where we can and he is such a good boy.  Our first trip to the Vet will be this weekend.  Hope to have some pics for you soon.
Jeff   Cook


Diana & Gloria - I wanted to update you on Zeus (Dionys and Becca). He is 10 months old today and weighs 76lbs. As you can see he is a beautiful rottweiler and is currently being trained as a personal protection dog. I was very impressed with his pedigree to begin with, however, I have found that he not only has the show-level conformation genetics, but possesses a great working drive. I cannot thank you enough for providing me with a dog of this quality. I will keep you posted as time goes on and continue to check your site, as I will be looking to purchase a female of this quality in the future. Thanks again.
Al Lewis

Hi Gloria & Diana,  finally got a quiet moment to write! We picked up little Eva at 3-15 our time this afternoon. The plane was delayed because of some stormy activity. I thought the poor little girl would  be "frazzled". Boy, was I ever wrong!!! she walked out of her crate as though she had been travelling & flying all her life, I was amazed!  she is an absolutely beautiful puppy, with a wonderful disposition, & a very friendly attitude. I am SO impressed with her demeanor, & so is Kelly, she LOVES her. Must say, she has more than her share of intelligence, once we got home, Kelly took her outside, & in about three minutes, taught her to sit! yes!. There was Kelly, my daughter Sis, & two friends of mine, all there to greet her at the airport, everyone loves her, in fact, she just "bowled us all over" ................
Thanks again girls, I am delighted!
Cynthia Thomas
Hello Diana,
My name is Sean Ryan from Bayshore, Suffolk County Long Island. 5 months ago i purchased a male pup from the Gil Von Milsped -> Bella be rott-la Litter male. I told you to just pick me oput wichever one seemed the biggest and 6 month ans 3 weeks and here he is. I can't take him anywhere without people raving about how beautiful he is and I can't explain how well behaved and trained he has become in such a short time. There is literally no trick he hasn't learned yet. Juts wanted to say thank You and send you a picture of how he turned out.

 - Thanks Again!
 - Sean Ryan
   Long island

Thank you. He is doing great! He is very smart and already taking corrections nicely. He is so strong, moving ceramic dishes with his nose. We are going to name him Dozer.We will send pictures and updates for you  to see how he grows up.

Kerry Tellier

Hello Diana,
     An update for Zeva. She is beautiful and part of the family. Willsend more updates on occasion if u wish.
Best Regards,
 William A. Mayo

She is a pisser she is having so much fun with Dakota is doing ok with it so far at this time I think every thing will be ok with them. The puppy will be playing and just plop down and take a 20 min, nap then start up again she has the life my boss is in love with her he’s like I hope that you are bringing her every day with you. Here are a couple of pictures of her home while I am at work. All of my employees think she’s great there had to be twenty different kinds of puppy treats for her this morning when I came in. I will keep in touch with you and thanks for the wonderful dog. The 1st night she wined for 15-20 mins then slept till 6:10am then Sunday night she went to bed around 10:30pm and I woke her up after taking Dakota out for a walk at around 6:30am this morning. There has been no accidents in her cage  yet that’s good. 

Thanks a lot,
Vinnie smith

Here are the pictures of Akiva.  The fire hydrant shows the day she arrived followed by her first then second birthday.  The others are specialty show wins etc.  I am so thankful for the opportunity you have given me to experience the joy of owning such a lovely little Diva!

Diana, YOU GUYS DID IT AGAIN!!!!! I got the new pup......Lailah........and she is GREAT. Just as nice as the last two. She is very bold and where the last two.......and loves EVERYBODY. I will be starting classes with her in November, but she will come with me to a couple of puppy socializations prior to that. I am starting imprinting with narcotics and hope to make her a working dog doing narcotics and tracking. She will, of course, also be a therapy dog. We have to continue to show people what wonderful dogs rottweilers can be. I am loving her. She was ssssssssssoooooooooooooooo good in her crate the first night. NOT A PEEP!!! And was entertaining herself with the toy when I woke up........... I will keep you updated and send pics as soon as I can get her to stay still long enough. Thank you for yet ANOTHER wonderful pup. I would...........and DO...........recommend you to anyone seriously looking for a nice rottie.     

Juli Lathrop

Here is a picture of MAX he is now 8 months old and is doing AWESOME! Can't wait to get another outstanding Rottweiler from you. 
Thanks again, 
Joe Musquiz

Hey Diana,
I have had Felicity for just over 2 years now and words cannot express how wonderful she is!  Her personality is wonderful and she sure knows how to make us all laugh and definitely knows how to steal people's hearts.  I only get compliments on how beautiful she is and how she isn't like other rotties.  I have attached a couple of pictures hopefully you get a laugh too.
Tom Phelan
Ft. Collins, CO
just wanted to let you know that we are in love with our new addition to our family. it took about two weeks for us to finally agree about his name, which is diesel. he is amazing not only in looks but in training. we have had him going outside to the bathroom now for about two weeks ,not bad for 12 weeks old. i just wanted to let you know that our family appreciated all that you did for us during the purchase of our puppy and going way out of your way to meet us for the pick up. i will keep in touch and send some pictures every so often.
thanks again ,
lora grella and family
        and  diesel
       New Jersey

Hey Diana
here is Ruby...i have more pics somewhere on my computer if i can find them.
I had the local vet here in town say she was the most beautful rotty he has seen, she is perfect.well in my eyes. here color here temperment her stance.....she is one proud tough dog....she rules the roost.

Thanks Doug Worden
Washington state

Hi Jill and Diana,
Sorry it has been so long since we have been in touch!  We wanted to give you both an update on Orion, a.k.a. Orange Male from the litter born 8/5/08.  He is just about 9 months old now and weighs just about 100 pounds of muscle!  He is such a cutie still with an excellent personality.  Orion loves the backyard and hanging out with the family, including Dan's dad's 90 pound german shepard who is his bestest friend!  He gets lots of exercise including runs on the treadmill since his mom doesn't like to go outside in the cold weather!  He enjoys frequent hikes and trips to petsmart where he meets all kinds of people (he LOVES people and especially kids!).  

Hope all is well with you and your families!  
Jen and Dan

Hey Diana,
Don't know if you remember me.  This is Ryan from Chicago and you sold me a rotty last year.  Anyway I thought I'd send you a picture of him.  We named him Sam.  He was the son of Freud od dragicevica.  He has been a great dog.  The thing that amazes me about him is his temperment.  He is so good with my 3 year old daughter.  She tugs, pulls, crawls on him, takes his bones, hugs him, kisses him and he just loves it.  He never growls or has ever showed any sign of aggressiveness.  He is extremely playful and is very friendly.   However, he is a very alert dog and likes to patrol the yard.  There's usually never a time that I go out without someone saying how great he looks.  He gets a load of compliments.  He is just over 12 months now and he is a little over 105lbs.  That seems about right for his age.  He has very big boned legs and he seems like he will start filling out now.   He has been healthy as a horse and we are definitely glad we went through you.  I'm a strong believer in "You get what you pay for."  Anyway we'll keep you updated.  Thanks again.

Ryan Banks

It has been awhile since I have given you an update on Mojo. He turns 5 this month and continues to be an amazing dog. Along with his protection of our farm and a great companion when we go trail riding, he has innate herding instincts. Mojo actually herded my rather large pig back inside the gates when the pig got out last week. Quite a versatile dog I've got.

hi diana, 
hope your holiday was good, chewy is getting so big, he is now 10 months old, weighs approx 120lbs or more, and more intelligent every day, blows my mind how smart he is, one of our chickens got out and he went around the coupe and herded it in for me, never doing it before i guess instinct came in.  so i take him all the time to the chickens with me, i say time to feed the chickens and he goes to the back door and waits for me.  we love him sooo much.  he is my protector.  in the pictures you can see him grow on his pillow, i believe you have the smallest of him on it, so i gave you them from June on.  i am going to send you a separate picture of songha, chewy is trying to get her bone, and this is what she looks like when he tries, when you look, remember she is all bark, no bite!  take care, 
Kris Kline

Hi Diana,
I thought I would share a couple of pictures of Grace (that’s what we named her!).  She’s so sweet – growing fast.  The first picture is of Grace and one of our Jack Russells.  She gets along well with all of our dogs. 
Tammi Jantzen


just wanted to send you a new picture of our big guy..he is 1 years old as of october and still growing. he is so amazing , we can not go anywhere with him without being stopped by everyone to just look at him. his temperament is as gentle as a lamb but knows when to kick in his bark for protection at hoe when he hears a noise. thanks again and we will keep sending pictures. 
from lora grella and family

Hey Diana, 
Jake now has Izzy learning to sit and come.  "Sit" is a lot easier.  She's eating really well.Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy! Talk to you soon,
Leslie and Jake Feldman

Hi Diana, 
I purchased a dog through you in July of 2008.  She is a fabulous family dog!  I hope all is running well ffor you and your kennel.  The weather I am reading about in your area is horrible.  Just thought that I would send warm thoughts your way. 
Take care,
Gwen Davis

We constantly are being told what a beautiful puppy Ramius is!!!  (We think so too, but we tend to be partial!) He is also smart as a whip and typically eager to please—although he does have that rottie stubborn streak now and then-typically when he would rather play then listen to me! :)  
Dani Aitkin

Hello Diana, 
I purchased a Rott puppy from you in December, 2005 and just wanted to send an update.  Becker is absolutely the most wonderful dog we've ever had.  He is strong and healthy but can be so gentle and is a love-bug.  He is an obedient boy and loves to please us, so great with our children, neighbors and other animals.  His temperament is beyond what we had hoped for and he's a great ambassador for the Rottie breed!  Our vet office is always impressed with him. Thought it might be nice for you to hear that one of your pups has grown into a wonderful family dog.  I've attached a couple photos of him all grown up.
Thank you, Lori

Lori J.Luyten, LM, CPM Ancient Paths Midwifery and Family Birth Center Chino, Ca 
Hi Diana. I wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our puppy Guinness that we picked up at the Philadelphia airport on Dec 23rd from your Europe breeder. He is now 8 months old and weighs 80 lbs. We were able to potty train him so easily when we got him home and he has been through Puppy Kindergarten (see attached photo) and now Level 2 training. He is really smart and is always the best one in class! Guinness has a wonderful personality and is very gentle with our 18 month old daughter. Our other dog Julius, the three yr old Rottie who has the kidney disease, is still living and seems to be happy since he now has company. Guinness and Julius get along really well and play all the time. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are. Please pass this along to your breeder in Europe. 
Warmest Regards,
Shiree A. Radie
Chester Springs PA

Dear Diana,

Just thought Jake and I would drop you a line.  Lizzy is now 7 months old.  She is so beautiful and we get compliments all the time.  We are working hard to train her. Most of the time she licks us like crazy.  She's about 55 lbs and is very powerful.  Jake loves her so much.  Looking forward to when she is fully trained.  
Thanks again,
Leslie and Jake
I hope all is well, and would likebto begin by thanking you for helping me find the two best puppies I have ever had. Chica who I purchased from you directly has been awesome, and Vito who you helped me get from Europe, both have brought countless laughs in my house.They are awesome!!!!
Thanks again! 
Michael Riley

This is Amanda and Brian, we got a puppy from you in August. He is doing great! He is a strong handsome boy! Very gentle and loves atttention. We get compliments about his looks and how good natured he is every where we go. I attached some pictures so you can see how he has grown. We would like to get another rottweiler from you in the future you were great to work with! We just wanted to touch base and see what litters you had planned for the future.We think Max would like a brother to play with. 
Hope to hear from you,
Thank You,
Amanda and Brian

Hi Diana, 
These were taken 2 days ago. Hank was at the vets on Saturday to get his shots. The scale tipped at 42.2 pounds! Dr. Pessin said his weight is perfect, and to finish this bag of puppy food   then switch to Adult. He will be neutered next month.  He is doing good at puppy class. Loves to play with all his class mates. 
Aldo Bennigshon

just wanted to send you a few pictures of our puppy bentley. we love him and are so glad you gave us this opportunity enjoy such a great dog. attached are a few pics we taken. we will send more because i have better ones but not saved on the computer im on right now. again thank you. more pictures to follow. have a great evening.
Ada Rutherford

Hey Diana, 
I just thought I'd let you know that Bella's doing great. She's incredibly intelligent, absolutely beautiful, and has an amazing temperament. The trainer said she's as mature as a 6-7 month old puppy. She's got all her basic obedience commands down flawlessly. We're starting her off-leash training in 2 weeks. He thinks that if I keep up with training, she's going to be fully trained by 8 months old. She also has several tricks down, to include crawl, catching, opening and closing a cabinet door, speak, sit up from the down position, and paw. She takes paw to another level, though. She'll give you left or right, depending on which you ask for. She's already passed her Canine Good Citizen test, and we're doing agility training, in addition to everything else. I take her to play at a doggy day care at least 4 times a week, she comes to the firehouse with me, and she likes to howl into the mic at band practice. She also loves the beach. I walk her on the beach at least once a day, sometimes twice, depending on how active she's been throughout the day. I make sure she meets at least one new person and dog every day, which is already paying off. She's so polite when she meets new people or animals. She sits automatically and wiggles her little nub and ass. I plan on doing protection training with her, getting her certified as a therapy dog, and I'm even going to try to convince my fire department to let her be our official fire prevention dog. After getting a few tricks down, the commands being something like "Stop, drop and roll", or "Get low and go", and some experience working as a therapy dog, I plan on presenting the plan to the chief and showcasing her tricks. I think it'll be good for the city, her, the kids, and awesome for Rottweilers in general.
Bill Eastwick Jr
Quincy MA
Hi Diana,
Here are some pictures of Titus. We got him from you Oct. 05, He's a great dog weighing in at around 150lbs, full of energy, love and an incredible personality. Let me know if you use any of the pictures, I'd love to see them.
Thanks, Bill Hartenstein

Thank you thank you thank you... you are the best....he was more than surprised!!! you made the whole experience amazing.. she is already going up and down the steps and she slept in her crate last night and didnt make a peep! ( i think we really tired her out). i will keep you posted with photos and i am so happy i found you.. have a wonderful day and i hope you have a ball at your "girls night"..... your son was very sweet also! 
Val Tyler


hey diana its Renee Lesher i wanted to let you know that nala is doing well she is getting big she weighs 41 pounds already... here are some pics of her. she is a beautiful dog!! thanks 

Hey,  hope all is well.  Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Alley!!! She turns 1 in a few weeks already.  She is such a wonderful pet, companion, and friend.  Just thought you would like to see some updated pictures of her!!!
Joe Lo Rocco

My name is Jessica Cobb and my family and I bought a female rotti puppy from you two years ago.  Life has been so busy that I haven't had a chance to email you any pictures of our baby. Her name is Roxie and she just turned two on March 15th.  She's from Axel and Dona.  She is so sweet and is everything we wanted in a dog.  She goes everywhere with us and is just the biggest baby.  In another year we will be looking to buy another puppy and we would like to buy through you again. How is Axel doing?  If I remember right, Dona was retired from breeding,correct? How is she doing?   We see so much of both Axel and Dona in our Roxie...she plays like Axel and loves to cuddle like Dona.  Thanks you so much for such a sweet puppy. 
God Bless,

Hi Diana- just wanted to share... at only six months old Kali received her CGC certificate!!!!
More updated pics to follow, I broke my camera and just got it back!  Also, we lost our Mkuu to old age illnesses and now we just have Kali.  Keep us in mind should you hear of any female rotties that are around her age or a little bit older, we just might be interested.  Thanks so much!! 
Deb Grimaldi

Hi Diana, 
Sorry it took us awhile to send you pictures of "orange" from the Talithia x Axel litter....
Here are a few recent pics of "Soco" - she is doing very well & is a great addition to our home!  She loves being around adults & kids and meeting new took her awhile to get comfortable around bigger dogs, but she's much better now and can't get enough play time :) 
Will keep in touch, and send more pictures soon.Thanks for everything, 
Charlene Aldenese 

So I've finally got around to getting my new laptop loaded up with some pictures. He is doing great. We are going to obedience classes with him and he is one of the top dogs in there. The trainer even uses him as an example for what the others should be doing. 
Brittany McDaniel

I promised I would keep you posted on Astor Von Junipera and Jana Vom Haus Nagy’s puppy (so you can update your pictures and testimonial page….lol).  What an honor it is to own one of Astor’s offspring’s.  We named the little green collar puppy Savage and I know I will sound bias when I say this but I think he is the best puppy in the world.  We received him on December 23rd just as you promised, how your brother made it to us on time after leaving 50 inches of snow in NY I will never know. But I am thankful to him for delivering such a wonderful Christmas gift.   I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.  He is very intelligent and FULL OF PUPPY ENERGY.  We are crate training him and he is adapting very well.  We also have a 3 year old Yorkie name Izzi…he loves her but I can’t say she has returned those same feelings just yet….lol.   Well I will send you more pics as he grows.  

Thank you for breeding such wonderful well socialized puppies.  I will be back soon for a little girl.Happy New Year

Stacey Clark

Hi how are you hope you had a good holiday season we had a nice one just wanted to give you an update on kapone he is THE BEST  dog we have ever had he learned everything so quickly he is so eager to learn and listen always trying to make us happy : ) my kids and him are just like siblings he is my sons brother 100% hahaha the wrestle around this house all day and kapone is so gentel with my kids and my friends baby who drives him crazy polking and pulling on him : ) this dog was made for us we love him so much thank you i will be in contact so you can see him grow  .again thank you .

Leah Taylor 

Hi Diana, 
Just wanted to forward you a few pics of our Rottie Max that we got from Gloria. Wonderful Dog! Couldn't be happier!  
Mark Wingert

i hope all is well with you, i have a few pictures i would like to share with you, the first one was from last summer, but the 2 bottom ones were just recent, thought you would like to see how handsome and big he got, he still helps me with the chickens every morning, in all honesty he is the most amazing dog i have ever owned, and i will never buy from another breeder ever again!  you are the best thank you so much for our chewy, he is a good work dog and we are now training him to help bring in fire wood, and he loves his jobs, i hand a piece of wood to him, he runs in the house and gives it to ed, or drops it in front of the wood stove, then comes back for more.  so smart sometimes he blows my mind!  thank you for such a rewarding friend!  kris & ed

Hello Diana,
just wanted to keep you updated on Akeeno. Here are some new pictures of him enjoying the snow! He is now 17 weeks old and is starting puppy kindergarten training classes on wednesday. Hopefully we will not have another snow storm, his last 2 classes have been canceled because snow!  Hope you enjoy the pictures! Lisa.

    So hard to believe that Micah is almost 1 yr old on August 14th!!! I am so blessed to have him. I love all my animals, but he is the apple in my eye. Oh what a joy he is. He is so loving and easy going. When I take him to the Vet people a leery of him and after they see how sweet he is they are drawn to him. The Vet has even taken pictures of him. I can't imagine life without him. In obedience class he has the other members rooting for him to do things because they have bonded with him too. Micah has a special relationship with my father. They have gone through obedience class together. My father is ill and has had a rough year with Chemo therapy and will have surgery next month to remove his bladder. Micah has been to loving with him. My father wants to be well to continue training with his special buddy, Micah. Micah so out powers my father, but is so gentle with my dad. It makes me love Micah so much more!!!
    Micah hasn't met an animal he doesn't like. We did have some trouble with mailboxes, but he got over that. He weights 100lbs or so he did in June. He really likes food and exercises a lot. He has his best friend Isaiah , Izzy",a rescue dog and they have been together since both have been puppies. Izzy is quite hyper and Micah has such patience with him. Micah is like a "good old boy". The only thing I can think about him that isn't perfect is his lack of focus, but that is expected for a one year old. Still he excelled in obedience class. He went from Puppy class to intermediate/advance class. He also does well in Agility. My boy isn't just handsome but smart too.
Holly  Bennett

I thought i would send you some bday pics of Bruno.  He didnt like his hat to much but we did get him some mcdonalds for the occassion.  Im sending you alot of pics so hopefully you get them.  let me know what you think. 
Thanks Cody Miller and family


Hi, Just wanted to thank you and send some recent photos of our puppy Bentley...he is a joy, we love him and couldnt be any happier with him. He is perfect. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to have bentley in our lives..He is a gorgeous dog.
Ada Rutherford

 Just wanted to say hello and send you some pictures of Axel Jr.   The first four pictures are at 8 Months Old and the last one is the first time he saw snow at 6 Months. He is the perfect puppy, he is super smart and super easy to train.  Axel Jr. is able to walk  on or off and leash and will never go threw a doorway or leave the car seat until told to. I wanted to thank you for everything and giving us such a great dog.  
Thank you,
Kris and Kerry
Long Island, NY

Hey Diana
Just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING dog.  BuBu is only girl from Dionisis X Beta. She looks like her mom. She is sooooo mellow and sweet, and well mannered. Both the Vet and Trainer, totally independent of each other, remarked that her "nerves" and disposition are fantastic. So happy I found you and , again, thanks for GREAT dog !!
Fred Altschuler

Hi Diana,
 Pumpkin (aka PK) is doing great! We love her very much!!! She is extremely intelligent – knows all obedience commands and heals on the leash, she even fetches the morning paper for my husband – most Rotties aren’t good retrievers but she loves playing fetch and tug games. She is excellent with all people, children and adults, and other animals – she still hasn’t figured out the barn cat, but loves the horses especially their poop (ha, ha). We took her to the beach the other day and she got to play with one of her puppy friends – Rufus the 5 month old Bassett hound – it was hysterical watching them run, tumble, and play in the ocean! I have attached a few pictures – they aren’t the best – I took them with my phone. I will send some better ones later. She has a beautiful head and everyone that sees her comments on how gorgeous she is.
Rhonda Bowman 


How are you?  Hope you remember us?  Your son delivered the maroon Rottweiler puppy to us right before Thanksgiving.  Just couldn't find the right name for him, but we decided to name him Buddy because he always came when we said "Here Buddy".  He is now 19 weeks old, very active, curious and gets into everything, but he listens very well when he is on the leash.  He will be going to obedience class soon.  Anywhere, we have attached some pictures of Buddy below.  Will send more pictures in the future as he grows. 

Sally maddalo

Hi Diana!
We wanted to give you an update on our puppy.  We named her Zoe and she's adjusting very well.  She's such a sweetheart!  Thank you again for everything.  We are so happy we found the 2 of you! Here's a couple of pictures and we will send you pictures as she gets older. Thanks again and we will be in touch.
The Packer Family

Good evening Diana & Gloria - 
Hope this e-mail finds you both doing well! Just wanted to give you an update on the male puppy (from Amos & Mylee litter: DOB 9/30/2011)  Kaiden is doing fantastic - he is a great Rotti, typical goof-ball, with his "little nub" going 100 MPH.  He has an huge prey drive - and will chase a ball forever & doesn't want to stop.  Kaiden is just approaching 6 months old, and has already been through intensive obedience training classes (with Mitch Stahl), and we will continue his training for the next year of his life.  He has been a happy addition to our house & has brought much joy to us.  The photos I've attached were just taken this past weekend.  Craig & I think he looks alot like Amos!
Kelly Donahue
Syracuse,  NY  13207

Hi Diana,
  I just wanted to send you some pics of our Riley. She is something else!! Everyone sees her and stops dead in there tracks, however looks are deceiving because she doesn't have a mean bone in her body!!! Best temperament ever!! Our vet always always compliments us on her "amazing temperament, structure and bone" he usually ends with saying " damn she is a nice looking dog" compliments to her breeder! Thank you again and look forward to seeing you again soon. Corrine and Shawn

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Luca loves to play fetch. Thank goodness I have a hugh living room so we can play indoors when it is lousy outside! He is just wonderful, has a wonderful temperament. So thrilled we were able to get him. Thank you.
Sue and Bill

Hi Dianna,
Sofia is now 10 mos old. Thought we would share a picture of her and her 2 yr old brother Sampson. She is the best and sweetest dog! (Though Sofi
is definitely the boss of this relationship right here) She has been simple to train and is still working hard to learn some of th harder tricks. Thought you might like to know how she is doing. I remember when my last set of rotties yrs ago had pups I grew attached to them and it was nice to see how they looked when they grew up and if they are having a good life. Anyhow thanks so much for our sweet girl. Oh by the way she was spayed at about 7 mos old so no pups for her. :-) Happy holidays
Jenn Miick

Hi Diana hope all is well Just wanted to send you some pictures of Sasha or 8 month old from Hanna and Amos It’s amazing how fast she has grown. She is extremely smart and loves everybody. Thanks for providing us with a great Rottweiler.  
Keith Lindemann

Just wanted to let you see how big Zoey is getting. She is such a wonderful girl. We love her.

Fred Casterline
Max will be one year old Saturday! He is 110lbs and still growing! He is very healthy, happy and well mannered. Max is everything my husband hoped for in a Rottweiler :-) thanks
Melissa and Dave Dillon

Hi Diana,
  You probably don't remember me but I bought a female pup from you almost 5 years ago. She is the most beautiful dog. She is all muscle with a good head and is mistaken for a male quite often. Everybody tells me how beautiful she is and I tell them where I got her. She is the smartest dog I have seen in some time. I just love her. I thought that you might like to see her.
 Mary E. Messere  

Hello just an updated picture I took today of cane, you can see how big and blocky his head is getting, lol, if you double click on the pic, it will enlarge for you! We love him soooo much, and I cant wait until spring for another! Thanks again for this little, well I should say BIG blessing, he is growing in leaps and bounds, and up to 48lbs! He is a true joy and trains so well!

  I just wanted to give you an an update on Sasha. She is the best dog. We are just in love with her and everyone that meets her loves her too! She has the sweetest personality and gives us a lot if kisses. She loves chasing my son around. So many people tell me how exceptional she is and she looks perfect. I'm constantly asked where she I got her from, therefore I have referred many people I know to you and your web page. I hope all is well with you and that you had a wonderful summer.
Ann beaupre

Hey Diane just wanted to send some pictures of diesel! He is doing great! Him and Emma are best friends, he is great with the kids and a such a awesome dog! We couldn't be happier! He is going to be a big boy, just went to vet and he is almost 60 PDs at 5 months and is almost as tall as Emma! Just wanted to touch base and say thanks!!! 
Tina Wells
Hello, thought I would drop you both a line on how the puppy is doing. She is absolutely a pleasure, she's only had 2 little accidents inside since coming home and shes great with the grandkids. I have her on the vitamins and she eats great. She starts a 4 week socialization class this Sunday. She went to the vet today and he said she is a magnificent pup, she weighs 21 lbs. Sending a couple pictures and as you can see she loves the water. Will keep in touch.
Doug K

Big Zeus is now 13 months. He is the son of Ajaks and Saga. I can't thank you enough for such an awesome Rottie !!! Zeus is absolutely everything we wanted. He's glued to my sons and gentile with my 1 year old. He was super easy to train and actually looks forward to training. His head and bone structure are enormous. His muscles are so solid and big that he looks like a body builder when taking an alert stance. He is well socialized with other dogs and loves to run and play. He's not the most graceful swimmer but we can't keep him out of the lake. Aqua Rottie hahahahaaaa. I just wanted to share this recent pic of him with you. Zeus could use a playmate and I hope to someday be contacting you for another one of your great Rottie pups.
Thanks a million  
Peter Paladino

Max is 10 1/2 months old and is weighing in at 104 lbs! Everyone who meets him falls in love instantly! He graduated from intermediate training and the trainer said he would be a great therapy dog! We love him and are so happy to have found both of you wonderful breeders! I have recommended your kennel more than once to friends.
Looking forward to see how big he is on his first birthday October 12!
The Dillon Family

Hi Diane,

Justing sending pictures of our girls that we have gotten through you. Both just past their Canine Good Citizen test last night. Which was really easy for them, but what was really nice is that they help turn around a couple people who were really nervous of Rotts. Our girls showed how well they behaved, how well they waited their turn, over all just good ambassadors for the breed.After – Is Cricket, born 6/17/2012 #2 – Tinkerbell, born 11/2/07 

Diana “Didi” Susoy

Ryan Warren

Hi Diana,
Here are some pics of George. He is truely a great dog and he is everthing what I had envisioned him to look like. His solid frame, great features, and great temperment around friends, family, and other dogs is everything what I wanted. I would like to take this time to thank you for your great work as a breeder and quick responses to all my questions. Thanks again.
Kevin Zarnowski

Hi Diana,

Buddy is doing very well. He is active, very sociable and such a sweetheart. Everyone loves him. He is a good companion for my husband. Buddy will start obstacle training soon. Our trainer didn't think it was wise to start training too early because Buddy might get hurt. So in a month, Buddy will be 18 months and it will be time to start. Buddy is so sweet. We couldn't ask for a better dog. Thank you for sending us Buddy. I have enclosed a few photos of Buddy for you.  
Sally Maddalo

Hope this email finds you well. This picture is Riley sleeping with my 12 yr old Brett. We couldn't ask for a more gentle giant, she is fantastic with kids of all ages as well as our newest addition a kitten. Thank you! Corrine and Shawn 

Diana, Bamboo has come a long way. She has completed her advanced puppy training and can now formally shake your hand with her paw. She is seen here with linda , the shrimp and bear. She now has full use of the house and all gates have been removed. I will continue to send pics so you may see how she is doing. Oh and she has grown alittle she is now close to 70 lbs. Sincerely;  

She loves to stand guard at the window. We had our first decent snow and she loves playing in it. I throw the tennis ball and she finds it in the deep snow. Good nose! 

Roger Schartner

Hi Diana,
Here's a pic for all those who think the dogs we love are ferocious killers...4 month old Petey from the Ajax/saga litter and his buddy Tony, the chinchilla...
Chris Smith

Hey Diana, 
Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you what a wonderful dog our Lizzy is.Jake and I got her from you 2 1/2 years ago.She is so beautiful and has grown into a 100lb. loving family member.Thanks again for picking out just the right puppy.Hope you are doing well.
Leslie and Jake Feldman
Hi Diana! 
We wanted to give you an update on our puppy. We named her Zoe and she's adjusting very well. She's such a sweetheart! Thank you again for everything. We are so happy we found the 2 of you!Here's a couple of pictures and we will send you pictures as she gets older. 
Thanks again and we will be in touch.
The Packer Family


I just wanted to thank you so much for such a well bred puppy. She has exceeded my expectations! Nera has the greatest personality so easy to train she was house broken almost immediately! Wherever we go people stop to tell us what a beautiful girl she is.
Thank you,

Diana ,
 I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that our baby Mato ...meaning ...Bear is now 4 yrs old and the best boy....he is beautiful and you may want to add him to your page....Im hoping to be able to include a picture of him here....I have many....He has brought so much love and joy ...there are no words...his mother is Maggie and his Father Dionys ....he also loves the cottage at the lake....and rides in the car ~! 

Hi Diana!

This is Kona! She was the yellow collared female of Hanna's first litter born Feb 1 2013. I wanted to email you some pics of her and give you an update! Well, we all just love Kona. She is sweet, friendly, playful and smart! She is just enormous but like most rotties thinks she's a lapdog. We have took her camping last summer and she loved being outdoors and swimming. She did great in obedience class. She adores playing in the snow and likes to chase shadows. I can't believe she's almost one year old already. She has definitely made herself a wonderful part of our family and we are very happy with her. Hope you're doing well! If you're ever in the buffalo area let me know, you can stop by to see her!

Sarah Stephan

Dear Diana,
In May 2012 we got our beloved Female Rotty puppy from you! Here she is playing in the yard 18 months later. She is beautiful, loving and has a good temperament. We look forward to the upcoming litter from Amos and Rita for a male puppy! We thank you!
Darrow and Alicia

Hi Diana,
We are going to be celebrating Sophie's 1 year Birthday on May 16th and we just wanted to send you a picture or two of her. She is the best dog and we can't say enough about her. Thank you!!! The first picture is in the car on the way home from your house the second picture was taken in our living room in December, she is about 7 months old.

Pam Monoyos
Bethpage NY

Hi, Hope all is going well for you so far this year. The puppy is doing great she's a beautiful dog and has quite a personality, she's 6 1/2 months old now and I'm just wondering what your recommendation is for switching her over to adult food, right now Im feeding 4 Health puppy food, she's 20" at her shoulder and 62 lbs. she's taking the vitamins and she's in great shape.
  Doug Kitchen


Wanted to update you on Nera she is a Magy and Dioney pup.She is now three years old.She is by far the best rottweiler we have ever owned. I wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog.she is very smart and easy to train. Very obedient. We can walk her off leash anywhere. We get comments on how beautiful she is all the time!(that's what a rottweiler is supposed to look like)​
Thank you,

Roxy at 4 months old. She is lovable and a monster at the same time. Beautiful disposition. She is a wonderful addition to our family and my granddaughter loves her. They chase each other and play a lot. Whenever Roxy sees her she goes nuts. Thank you so much for the dog.

Anna Rose Smith
Hello, I hope everyone is during well, I thought I would drop a line about Sammy. She's 1 1/2 years old and 94 lbs, I can't say enough about her, I don't know how there could be a better dog. She has an incredible personality, she's always by my side and is very protective especially with our grandkids who are 9, 6 and 4, she's loves them to pieces. She loves the water and is quite abswimmer, there's a big creek close to our house, going for rides in the truck another favorite and being outside just makes her the happiest, digging holes, chasing squirrels, helping in the garden and playing ball with anybody. She's also great with people and other dogs. I am still looking forward to breeding her in the future, I will try to get ahold of you as that draws near to talk about possible studs. Everybody at our Veterinary office thinks she's magnificent! Thanks again for the great pup!

Doug K